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Red Beans

Slow Cooked Beans With Smoke Sausage


Seafood Plate

Crab Cluster, Shrimp, Smoke Sausage, Corn, Potatoes and Egg


Nola Pasta

Shrimp and Lump crab meat With Grilled Chicken and Texas Toast With Corn On The Cob


Seafood Potato

Loaded W/Fried Fish and a special cheese sauce



For Those Who Need To Feed A Large Group But Want The Food Done and Just pick up.

Yakamein 1/2 Gallon


Baked Chicken Tray

A Seasoned Baked Chicken Marinated in Juices Baked Just Right. 6 Baked Chicken Halves


Macaroni Tray

A Baked Cheesy Macaroni


Jambalaya Tray

Feeds 8 People More Depending On Serving Amount.


Stuff Bell Pepper

6 New Orleans Style Stuffed Bell Peppers. These Bellpeppers are Not Filled With Rice.


Red Beans A Rice Gallon

1 Gallon Of Red Beans W/ 2 Quarts Of Rice. Feeds About 8 People, More depending onServing.


Gumbo By The Gallon

A Flavorful Gumbo. A Gallon $40, Every Gallon Extra Is An Additional $40.00


Yakamein Gallon


50 Finger Sandwiches

12 Hours Advanced Notice Needed To Order This Catering Item.
Your Choice of meat.


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